Welcome to Dream Hub

I'm Melissa Johnson, your personal guide in the fascinating realm of dream interpretation. My practice is dedicated to helping you make sense of your dreams, offering clear and meaningful insights into your subconscious mind.

Empowering You with Dream Insights

Dreams are a unique window into your inner world, filled with personal symbols and messages that hold significance for your waking life. As a dream therapist, my focus is to help you decode these messages, providing clarity and guidance rooted in a deep understanding of the subconscious.

By interpreting their symbolism, we can find answers to unresolved questions, motivations for future goals, and even solutions to personal challenges.

About Melissa Johnson

With a comprehensive background in Dream Teaching and Dream Therapy, my expertise lies in revealing the hidden wisdom of your dreams. Whether you're looking to interpret a confusing dream, pursue personal development, or access the deeper knowledge of your subconscious, I offer the insight and direction needed for your journey.

Certified as a Dreams Teacher by Robert Moss and equipped with a Diploma in Dream Therapy, I
have trained international psychologists and psychiatrists to harness the power of dreams in their practices.

Under the guidance of dream guru Lana Sackwild at the Lucid Entrepreneur Lab, I have mastered lucid dreaming & lucid living techniques.

My gift as an intuitive and psychic medium, specifically within the dream realm, ensures my methods are both deeply insightful and transformative.

Whether it's understanding a confusing dream about an ex or unravelling the deeper meaning of disturbing dreams, I provide the tools for clarity, understanding, and self-improvement.

At Dream Hub, dreams aren't just night time experiences; they're another domain for high achievers to conquer and harness for personal growth.

Specialised Dream Analysis and Therapy Services:

My services are uniquely tailored to meet your individual needs, blending contemporary psychological and scientific understanding with intuitive, spiritual, and insightful approaches. This holistic fusion ensures a deeper connection with your inner world, unlocking the true potential of your dreams.

  • Detailed Dream Interpretation: I work with you to reveal the underlying meanings and messages in your dreams.
  • Resolving Nightmares: Transform distressing dreams into opportunities for personal strength and insight.
  • Guidance in Lucid Dreaming: I help you learn to consciously explore and interact within your dreams.
  • Techniques for Dream Recall: I offer strategies to enhance your ability to remember and document your dreams.
  • Fostering Creative and Spiritual Growth: Explore the creative and spiritual dimensions hidden in your dreams.
  • Children’s Dream Interpretation: Assisting young ones in understanding and finding comfort in their dreamscapes.
  • Healing Through Dreams: Utilise dreams as a tool for emotional and personal healing.

Expert Tip: Emotions in Dreams

When analysing a dream, especially if you find yourself puzzled by its content, a crucial first step is to focus on the emotions you experienced during the dream and immediately upon waking. Recognising and identifying these specific emotions can be greatly aided by referring to an emotion wheel, a tool that helps categorise and define a wide range of emotional states.

By pinpointing the exact emotions you felt in the dream, you can draw connections to similar feelings you experience in your waking life. This process of correlation can provide valuable clues about the dream's meaning. For instance, if you felt anxious in a dream, reflect on moments in your daily life when you feel similar anxiety. Such parallels can reveal underlying themes or issues the dream might be addressing, enhancing your understanding of its significance.